Historic wrecks protected

Under the Victorian Heritage Act 2017 and the Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976, all shipwrecks are protected.

Shipwrecks must not be interfered with.

Historic shipwrecks are fragile structures that often have weakened and vulnerable hull remains due to their long submersion. There are sometimes loose artefacts on the beach surface or near historic shipwrecks that can also be easily damaged or destroyed.

Disturbing the site drastically reduces the amount of information that archaeologists can learn about this significant shipwreck. It is therefore important that the local community ensure that this important site remains undisturbed.

No excavation, removing any items and/or disturbing the site.

Signs have been erected on Inverloch Beach near the Amazon remains.

If you are visiting, please remember:


  • Digging in the area is NOT allowed.
  • Standing on the wreck or it’s artefacts or removal of any part of the wreck is also NOT allowed.

You can assist us in the protection of Amazon by joining us.