UNVEILING – Amazon artefact returns to Inverloch (POSTPONED)

Join us for drinks, nibbles & the official unveiling of the recently preserved Amazon artefact known as ‘The Deadwood’.

Come & support the Amazon 1863 Project.

Where: Inverloch Community Hub in A’Beckett St.

When: POSTPONDED. Stay tuned for new date

RSVP:  By email to Secretary@Amazon1863.org.au or call 0423 682 580

Some 2020 highlights

Committee members underwent Heritage Victoria lectures on archaeology, cataloguing of artefacts and photogrammetry.

Discussions with the Bass Coast Shire regarding an Inverloch museum which is a major part of our vision for the future.

A Bass Coast Shire Grant assisted in funding ‘Inverloch’s Riddle of the Amazon’ publication and the purchase of a dedicated computer for grant writing and storing data.

Launch of ‘Inverloch’s Riddle of the Amazon – When is a Bark NOT a Bark?’

A Victorian State Government grant under the Living Heritage Grants Program was awarded to conserve the deadwood. A reliable Brian Martin at Parks Vic Wonthaggi Depot was contacted regarding transport and the deadwood was delivered for conservation in mid-January, 2021.  We wish to thank everyone involved in such a smooth step towards conservation of the Amazon deadwood.  We anticipate that in a few months this artefact will be residing on view in the Inverloch Hub.

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The Amazon

The remains of this protected historic shipwreck are buried near the lnverloch Surf Life Saving Club on the Bass Coast in South Gippsland, Australia.

The AMAZON was a barque of 362 tons built by at St Helier’s, Jersey by Fredrick Charles Clarke, Ship-builder.

The Amazon was a Jersey-built three-masted barque, thought to be similar to the one pictured. (Source: Heritage Victoria)

Brief History

The Melbourne Argus newspaper reported the loss of the Jersey-built barque AMAZON near Cape Paterson and the despatch of HMCS Victoria to rescue the crew in late December 1863.

According to the newspaper accounts, the barque left Melbourne on Dec 12 1863 bound for Mauritius with a cargo of salted meats. During the night a gale blew up from the south, the sails were reefed and the vessel hove to.

Despite all attempts the Amazon started to drift leeward towards the shore. On the morning of the 15 December 1863 the vessel came ashore on a sandy beach, close to some cliffs one mile south west of Andersons Inlet.

The fore and main masts were cut away to prevent the vessel from breaking up. The crew got ashore and set up camp.

The wreck was discovered eight days later by a Mr Heales on his way to Melbourne to spend Christmas with his family.

HMCS Victoria was despatched to rescue the crew.

The vessel was put up for auction on 31 December 1863.

The location was given as one mile south west of Andersons inlet and eight miles east of Cape Paterson, lying broadside to the beach and buried to a depth of nine feet in the sand. The water in the hull was level with the lower deck beams.

The Project

Our mission

Preservation of significant Amazon artefacts, the site & written records. To Educate & share the history of this amazing ship.

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