December 2021 – Unveiling of the Deadwood

The Deawood now one permanent display in the Inverloch Community Hub

What a wonderful way to finish off the year with the ‘Deadwood Unveiling’ finally taking place on the 158th anniversary of the grounding of the Amazon on the Inverloch Surf Beach.

The Deadwood is 3.3 metres (11 ft) tall and is quite an imposing relic.  It is fixed using the original brass pins (nails) so that there is no attachment to the wood.

Most of these brass pins would have been 1.2 metres (4 Ft) in length but have broken off over time.

At the base of the support structure is a plaque with a beautiful engraving of a ship with a little information regarding the Amazon.

Thank you to all our members for your support during the last 2 difficult years.

The community response to the unveiling has been very positive and despite many ‘inabilities to attend’, we had in excess of 80 people at the event.

Wall plaque to accompany the Deadwood display

Committee member Jackie Laurie was our master of ceremonies for the evening and committee member Adrian Brewer set the scene reading an extract from the Captain’s log.

Jordan Crugnale MP unveiling the deadwood with Karyn & Jackie looking on

Amazon 1863 Project Committee is indebted to the Victorian State Government Living Heritage Grant Program which enabled this artefact to be returned to the Inverloch community.

Liam Phillips from Heritage Vic

Amazon 1863 Project was fortunate to have the South Gippsland Sentinel Times in attendance and receive some great coverage in the local newspaper.

Brian Martin & Gerard Delaney from Parks Wonthaggi & Liam Phillips from Heritage Vic.

There was a display of artefacts, photos, Lloyd’s Register details, a model of the Amazon, a power point presentation and a short video at the wreck site for all to enjoy and learn more about our Amazon shipwreck.

Karyn Bugeja, Secretary.