Chronological order of events

2016 Sea wreckage visible
2016 Teredo worm damage to timbers
2018 Deadwood & planking revealed
2019 Water tank again visible in ocean
2019 Trailboard revealed following storms
2020 Deadwood detached
2020 Deadwood with rope still intact
2020 Internal deadwoods in ship's bow
The bow of the Amazon as it was revealed in 2020.
2020 Internal starboard (right) bow section
2020 Handrail complete with deadeyes attached
2022 Amazon portside exposed in 'new' Wreck Creek outlet
2022 Portside ribs


An artefact is an object made by a human being which is of cultural or historical interest.

Muntz metal sheet 4 foot x 14 inches
Muntz metal patent
18 Brass partial pins/nails
Rope encased in metal concretion
Deadeye used in rigging
A Deadeye covered in black concretion. Deadeyes were part of the rigging with ropes passing through them.
Deadeye covered in black concretion
Beautifully carved trailboard with acanthus pattern
A piece of Kilner preserving jar imprinted with JKW manufactured between 1847 and 1857
Detached deadwood in January 2020 which was conserved

This is a sample of Amazon artefacts held in custodial hands by Heritage Victoria, Parks Victoria Wonthaggi Depot, and the Amazon 1863 Project Committee.