Living Heritage application

In November this year, we expect the result of our ‘Living Heritage‘ application to be known.


Earlier this year, we applied for a ‘Living Heritage Competitive Community Grant’.

Only places or objects listed on the ‘Victorian Heritage Register’ could apply.

The project / grant aim is to extend the life of the Amazon shipwreck by conserving significant wooden artefacts from the vessel.

Conservation of such wooden artefacts can take between 5 to 8 years to complete.

If you think of the process at a cellular level, the salts have to be leached out of the wood and gradually replaced with preservation materials without allowing destruction of cell walls and collapse of the structure.  A very slow and exacting process.

DELWP (Vic Gov) will notify successful applicants potentially in November.

We are committed to having a museum in Inverloch to showcase an Amazon exhibition & have a dedicated home for these artefacts.

The Living Heritage Grant Program is extremely important to the us and, if successful, it will allow us to begin the very important conservation process of these wooden artefacts from the Amazon shipwreck.

Below are images of the 5 Amazon artefacts used in the application..

Single pulley:

Double pulley:

Dead eye:

Trail board which ran either side of the figurehead on the bow of the ship:

Deadwood which joined the stem of the bow to the keel of the ship (Weighs about 1 ton):