Book Launched: Inverloch’s Riddle of the Amazon

The Launch of our Children’s Book “Inverloch’s Riddle of the Amazon: When is a Bark not a Bark?” was held on Friday 4th Dec at the Amazon shipwreck site.

Information: Call 0423 682 580 or Email


Where to purchase

From Friday 4th December…

Inverloch – Community Hub, Newsagent, Bendigo Bank, Post Office, South Gippsland Conservation Society: Bunurong Environment Centre.

Wonthaggi – Bass Coast Info Centre, Artspace, Clancy’s Printing Service.


About the book

A great Christmas present and priced at $25.

All proceeds will go towards funding our Amazon conservation works. 

This is a short rhyming picture book telling the story of the Amazon Shipwreck on the Inverloch Surf Beach in Victoria.

The mid-nineteenth century wooden sailing ship was wrecked on the Inverloch coast in 1863.

The book is beautifully illustrated and describes the ships travels, her demise and explains why we must respect such wreckage.


About the author

Author: Karyn Bugeja has always had a passion for writing little rhymes and this is her first children’s book. She is currently Secretary of the Amazon 1863 Project.

Illustrator: Marion Chapman’s work is well recognized in the Bass Coast region both as an artist and book illustrator


Why publish this book?

We have some exceptional Amazon artifacts and are keen to begin the very slow & expensive conservation process.

All proceeds from book sales will go towards funding of our Amazon conservation works.

With some luck, we may even bring some truth to the last page of the book, which is shown below…